About Us

The Saint Agatha Foundation was founded in 2004 to provide support, comfort and care to breast cancer patients. We help individuals—particularly the under-insured and uninsured—in the Central New York area by providing financial assistance to cover a range of costs for treatment and recovery.

Case Studies

Sarah House
Barbara, from Adams, NY, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was scheduled for radiation treatment in Syracuse over a 5-week period. Because she was unable to drive, Barbara knew she would have to stay in Syracuse for the treatment instead of traveling the 50 miles each way for her radiation treatments. However, she was unsure how she was going to come up with money for lodging, food and transportation to her treatments. Then she called Sarah House.

The Sarah House administrator who answered Barbara’s call told her about the Saint Agatha Foundation grants for breast cancer patients, whose grants can cover a wide range of cost, including the total cost of travel to-and-from treatments and housing during treatment in Syracuse, which is what Sarah House provides.

According to the Sarah House administrator said:, “Barbara was a little speechless because she could not believe what I was telling her. I gave her some of the details and then we agreed she would call back once she knew exactly when treatments were set to begin. Barbara phoned back about 10 minutes later to apologize because she said “I was just so overwhelmed with what you were telling me about Sarah House and Saint Agatha that I did not even say ‘thank you!’ ” It was a great feeling to know how happy and at ease the grant from the Saint Agatha Foundation made her.”

Jennifer is 28 years old, married and has a 3-year old daughter. Jennifer was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Throughout treatment for her cancer, she was extremely fatigued. Jennifer was distraught that she did not have the strength or the energy to care for her very active daughter. Unsure what to do, she contacted the YMCA.

Jennifer joined the Strive and Thrive program at the North Area YMCA in Syracuse. Staff at the YMCA gave Jennifer information about the Laurie’s Hope program, funded by the Saint Agatha Foundation, that offered Jennifer the support she needed to battle her illness and relieved some of her stress through continued strength building, counseling services, and the invaluable gift of no-cost child care.

Through Laurie’s Hope, Jennifer’s daughter was be cared for and had a chance to socialize while Jennifer rested or received treatment. Jennifer’s daughter blossomed in the child care program, and recently both mom and daughter stopped in to thank the YMCA Director. Jennifer believes that the YMCA & the Laurie’s Hope program helped her through treatment and to care for her daughter.

Francis House
Sally was 57-years old, had two sons, two grandchildren and a supportive husband, Chris. When Sally’s care became too much for Chris to manage on his own, he called the Francis House, which provides hospice care.

They came to Francis House with limited resources, but a need for care. Thanks to a Saint Agatha Foundation—which can provide grants to cover wellness and hospice needs—Sally did not need to find a way to pay for her care.

The two quickly became a part of the Francis House family and the staff was able to provide comfort and support not only to Sally but to Chris as well. Because the financial burden had been lifted by the Saint Agatha Foundation and Sally’s physical needs were being met by Francis House staff, Chris was able to simply be present for his wife, enjoy the time holding her hand and talking with her for last weeks of her life.